Cybersex, the internet effects on sex

Online chats, social networks, and apps that make comfortable to meet people are in high demand. Every day, men and women of all ages and sexual orientations enter them to establish intimate relationships “online” with strangers. Most do it to share their sexual fantasies. Some enter to flirt. Other people masturbate while “chatting” on the screen.


One of the things that people who express themselves sexually through the online world, is the anonymity that it offers. Nobody knows who you are. The best option to have is virtual sex because is safe: there are no sexually transmitted infections, no pregnancies, no broken hearts. But there is no real relationship either, and this is the reason why many of the people who experience cybersex soon lose interest.

Cybersex is only dangerous when you “fall in love” with someone through the screen and suddenly find yourself involved in cyber-romancing. Who is this new love in your life? The truth is that you do not have the slightest idea. Lies are widespread to be “online.” People lie about their age, their physical appearance and even about their real interests, for very different reasons: to have fun, because they feel insecure because they have something to hide because they are wrong in the head.

Taking into consideration how dangerous people can be, the most prudent thing is not to provide any personal information, such as your full name, your address and your telephone number. If you decide to meet your lover of cyberspace, agree with a friend to accompany you and arrange the appointment in a public place. This way you can quickly withdraw if necessary.

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