Potentially improves your sexual relations

Do you want to potentially improve your sexual relations and be a prodigy in bed to keep your partner satisfied while your body reaches maximum pleasure? In the next few lines we will reveal some of the best kept secrets so that excitement in this moment of intimacy reaches unsuspected limits. Do you dare to read on?

how to improve relationships

When his fingers run through every inch of our being we feel as if, for a few moments, we were traveling to the same paradise on earth. At the moment when our naked bodies come together, passion is kindled within us like a burning flame that prevents us from controlling our deep desires. Prey to the anxiety of knowing each other’s bodies, our lips glide through each corner until we both lose track of time.

The swinging of her thighs, the support of her breasts as a point of support and her arms wrapping around our whole body leads us to live one of the most exciting and morbid experiences of our life, which will culminate with the instant of maximum pleasure, that in which we will feel that we are one with the universe. The night darkness will be the only witness to our delight.

One of the latest studies reveals that 44% of people choose night as the perfect time of day for sexual intercourse. As for the chosen place to practice it, while 47% of women prefer the bed, the men are divided between the latter and the sofa.

Keys to improving your sexual relations

In addition to having the complementary help of these experienced women, we offer you some simple tricks that will make this moment shared with your partner one of the most incredible in your life.

First of all, you have to consider foreplay, which many people overlook and yet are crucial to achieving the maximum level of excitement. With them, the woman will achieve an excellent vaginal lubrication that will benefit both in penetration and the man will achieve a full erection. While women prefer erotic massages, men prefer oral sex 49% prefer oral sex.

Then, soft movements would be chosen, precisely to delay ejaculation, the ideal position being that in which the woman is placed underneath and with her legs stretched. Speaking of postures, some of the most stimulating are, for example, that of the “Spider”, where the visual contact between the two will be very intense. To get it, they must sit in bed with their legs stretched out toward each other and their arms back. The man should place the woman’s hips between her open legs and begin to swing slowly.

Another of the most appropriate postures to improve your sexual relations is the “X”. To do this, sit in bed face to face with your legs open. The man should lift the right leg on the woman’s left and vice versa. At that instant, with your legs crossed forming an “X”, push slowly and then accelerate. They can shake hands to improve grip and push harder.

“The hot washing” is a variation of the one known as “Hot Chair”. This time, the man will have to climb on a washing machine and ride the woman to penetrate as the spin cycle works.

Through “the bodyguard” the man will penetrate behind the woman, stimulating her cervix and achieving a deeper and more exciting penetration.

The “Dancer”, on the other hand, is a very hot position to undertake in places with little space. To perform it, they must stand facing each other. The woman will lift one of her legs and wrap it around the man’s butt. Together, the penetration will begin.

How do you feel about these keys to potentially improving sexual relations?

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